as well as a simple on train kiosk service our heritage trains can offer full dining meals or you can select from a simple breakfast, morning tea or afternoon tea service.

    Ideal for that special occasion such as a wedding, birthday or anniversary. we can tailor a meal to suit your special requirements.

    a unique experience of enjoying a first class meal while watching the scenery go by on our fully licensed train services.


    we can also organise a meal and dining service in the restored dining room at the Seymour railway station


    If you're looking for something a little different for your special occasion why not let us give you a unique experience by combining our heritage train service with a appetising meal service in our refurbished Dining car one of the original cars from the 1937 era Spirit of Progress train.

    We have also restored the original Dining Room at the Heritage listed Seymour station and we can provide an exciting meal and drink service to your table or direct from the Bar or combine the Dining Room with a special train service.


      email    enquiries to  info@srhc.org.au